Taylor Swift - Straight or Curly?

taylor-swift-straight-hair[1] courtesy oceanup.com

Spring, already?

        We all know that designers release their new collections of clothing many months before the proper season (which is only reasonable), but don't forget that the holiday season of dressing up is just beginning! With Halloween out of the way, it's time for gorgeous snowflakes, red ribbons and candy canes. Time to bring out the pretty holiday party dresses and extra-special outfits. Ah, the magic of winter. What could be better than this?

Who doesn't love the scent of mom's wonderful pumpkin pie throughout the house, and family all around the fire on Christmas day? There is so much to be thankful for.

I would encourage us all to make our own fashion statements this holiday season. How many times have we waited to see what was "in" instead of following our own inspiration?

After all, the people are the ones who really make the fashions... ;)

A few winter inspirations:

Courtesy of Todd Klassy flickr.com

courtesy of httpmedia.preownedweddingdresses.comimagesdresses10030fullUnknown-Ball-Gown--barely-ivory-2009-37991.jpg

Dior ball gown, 1950s - courtesy of romanlily, flickr

Ralph Lauren Fall 2009 courtesy of stylehog.com

Ralph Lauren Fall 2009

Courtesy of istockphoto.com

Gucci's "Eyeweb"

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Hayden - Red Lisptick and a Bob!

We have all seen Hayden's signature long hair look, which is always pretty, but what do you think about this bob?
I was most attracted to the hue of her lipstick. Her short cut only compliments that! Very chic!
Your thoughts?

Hayden_Panettiere_Bob_Hairstyle[1] courtesy fashion-makeup-syle.blogspot.com

Straight Hair Tricks! by Glamour

If you have naturally straight hair, stop searching in vain for ways to make it curly...I know from experience that it will only frustrate you and kill your hair. Instead, check out these great straight hair tips from Glamour!


Stop wishing for those gorgeous Taylor Swift curls! Your hair can be just as beautiful... though naturally straight. ;)